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Tech & Innovation
FEB 28, 2018

Design Thinking: A Long Journey to Japan

As customer tastes diversify, businesses are using design thinking more and more to meet demand. GLOBIS is offering a course on Design Thinking as well. But what is design thinking,…

Global Japan
FEB 8, 2019

Helsinki: Redefining Urban Growth through Design Thinking

designated the World Design Capital at WDC2012. The whole year felt like a flow of design events and exhibitions. Helsinki branded itself a design-driven city. Finally, we established the Chief…

Career Success
JUN 8, 2018

IDEO U – Using Design Thinking to Launch an Intrapreneurial Venture

GLOBIS Partner Faculty Darren Menabney, who has been involved with IDEO U since 2015, shares how design thinking helped it get started. When you hear the term design thinking, you may…

Career Success
SEP 5, 2018

Design Thinking: Perils and Pitfalls of the Crit

You’ve no doubt heard about design thinking—a practical, step-by-step, user-centric method of solving problems. Though its roots reach back to the 1950s, design thinking was popularized by IDEO in the…

Career Success
DEC 14, 2017

Steve Jobs, Zen and Design Thinking

…Tokyo. One of the sessions was on design thinking—the technique of applying the methodology of a designer to complex problems outside of design. The panel included innovation consultancy IDEO’s Tom Kelley,…

How Design Thinking Revived Adidas

Cristian Vlad Inside the Herzogenaurach HQ It was fascinating to see an accountant mastering the technique of sewing, a designer intern studying new fabrics, master designers engaged in their own…

Career Success
JUL 19, 2019

Three Career Skills You Need to Thrive in the 21st Century Workplace

…toolkit to safeguard your career in 2022 and beyond: critical thinking, storytelling, and design thinking. Critical Thinking: Ask better questions Critical thinking is the ability to objectively analyze and understand…

Career Success
OCT 9, 2018

Cultivating Innovation as a Designer

Satosi Isiguro teaches Design Thinking at GLOBIS University. Cristian Vlad recently interviewed him about helping clients commit to innovation and pursuing creativity himself as a designer. CV:         How do…

The Digital Revolution: Why Is Japan Not in the Lead?

…competitive advantage Experts cited communication by design thinking as the other core reason for US companies dominating the digital revolution. While the theory and practice of design thinking have been…