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Global Japan
NOV 6, 2020

3 Big Lessons from Tiny Bubbles on Reaching the World

No matter how promising your technology may be, bringing it to the world absolutely requires knowing these 3 things.

5 Easy Ways to Break through the Laptop Wall and Raise Student Engagement for Online Learning

Teaching online comes with unique challenges and opportunities. These 5 simple tips will help you connect with students and keep them engaged.

Career Success
FEB 21, 2020

7 Presentation Skills to Give You an Edge in Your Next Job Interview

…language, eye contact, and speaking speed—things he’d learned in a course I teach on business presentation. That experience—he got the job—shows how the skills that matter when delivering a presentation

MBA Essentials
JUN 25, 2019

5 Books to Make You a Better Presenter and Public Speaker

presentations, or even see emotion and stories as inappropriate for a business presentation. The truth is, including emotions and stories makes presentations much more effective. Carmine Gallo’s book does an…

Career Success
MAY 7, 2019

The Secret to Startup Success? Stories

What separates great startup pitches from merely good ones? The stories they tell.

Career Success
APR 23, 2019

3 More Things Never to Say in a Presentation

Wondering why people are rolling their eyes during your presentation as you try to create empathy through honesty? Here’s what you’re doing wrong.

Career Success
APR 9, 2019

The 3 Worst Things to Say in a Presentation

Worried about connecting with your audience? Here are 3 things that will definitely get in the way.

Career Success
JUN 28, 2018

How Emotional Intelligence Makes Any Presentation Better

If you ask anyone what they think of PowerPoint presentations, they’ll probably give you a strong reaction. But whether you…

Career Success
APR 3, 2018

Three Steps to Make a Career Pivot

Most of us, as professionals, want to have a career where we’re doing something we’re good at, we’re happy at,…

Career Success
MAR 23, 2018

Why You Probably Need to Make a Career Pivot

You should probably quit or change your job. Because there may be an 87% chance that you’re in the wrong job,…