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Summer Reading Recommendations from GLOBIS Faculty

Summer is a time to relax and refresh. For a lot of people, that means picking up a good book. But with so many books out there, where do you...

On the Publishing of “My Personal Mission Statement”

...to books.” I began thinking, “From now on, instead of just taking from books, I must use the medium of books to give something back.” In the background to all...
An open book with two pages folded in the shape of the heart.

Ikigai: A Book about Finding Your Purpose

...often mentioned in books and articles. One such book was written by Ken Mogi, a Japanese bestselling author and neuroscientist. In his book, The Little Book of Ikigai: The Essential...
People sit around a map of the world and discuss understanding cultures

Eight Scales for Understanding Cultures

...understanding cultures. The article below is based on talk Taoka gave on October 19, 2015, for Eiji Press and Academy Hills in Tokyo. Why did you choose this particular book? In...

5 Books to Make You a Better Presenter and Public Speaker

...your confidence, here are five of my top books to help you become a better presenter. I always recommend these books to students who take the Business Presentation course at...

The Six Dimensions of Life

...company man; this book examines the different dimensions in parallel with each other. I have felt and learned little from condescending books written by critics and scholars that instruct the...

3 Great Reads for Your Golden Week: Business Edition

...us when Tokyo all but empties of people for the first week of May? Curled up with a good book. Whether you’re without plans this travel season, heading for a...
A hand holds up the book WE HAVE A DREAM with enlarged portraits of some of the global contributors in the background

WE HAVE A DREAM: A Storybook of SDGs and Subjective Truth

...is unique—something only you can do. Taichi Ichikawa, cofounder and chief future officer of the educational company World Road, recently directed the book project WE HAVE A DREAM: 201 Countries...

Three Books for Your Golden Week: Team Players, Better Conversations, and Understanding Each Other

...authenticity.” Otto Scharmer’s famous “Theory U” is also discussed. Changing yourself is not easy, but this book makes it easier with some helpful exercises. This book will give you some...
Illustration of a businessman with angel and devil on his shoulders, depicting the nature of humankind

There’s Hope for Humankind If We Stop Believing We’re Evil

...nature is set free. This idea, actually called veneer theory, is widely, almost unconsciously believed throughout the world. But Rutger Bregman challenges its bleak premise in his book, Humankind: A...

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