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Global Japan
MAR 15, 2018

G1 Is Changing Japan with 100 Actions

…unites, energizes, and inspires people to start moving in the same direction. The vision of the 100 Actions that we developed in consultation with Japan’s politicians has truly shifted the…

Career Success
OCT 17, 2016

Yoshito Hori: The Origin of 100 Actions

Yoshito Hori explains how the 100 Actions project originated.  Excerpt from the webpage: “100 Actions” is a project to create a vision for Japan while generating nationwide policy debate. Any…

Global Japan
OCT 14, 2016

Action 100. Five Action Principles to Achieve a “Quiet Revolution”

…vote to express our opinion. Every one of our voices, actions, and votes will change Japan. These are the 100 Actions that Japan should take. This vision lays out a…

Global Japan
OCT 13, 2016

Action 99. Five Key Issues in “100 Actions”

…of Orix, said at a G1 Executive meeting. In this chapter, I will discuss five key issues in 100 Actions that need to be addressed in order to take action…

Global Japan
OCT 12, 2016

Action 98. Provide Clear Numerical Targets for Fiscal Reconstruction, Introduce the Dō System, and Establish a Constitutional Court!

Public finance is the backbone of the country. If it collapses, the country collapses. It is therefore necessary to clearly…

Global Japan
OCT 11, 2016

Action 97. Establish the Superior Authority of the House of Representatives, Adopt a Generation-Based Electoral System, and Include an Emergency Provision!

The problems associated with the current Japanese bicameral system can be roughly grouped into: 1) the risk of a divided…

Global Japan
OCT 10, 2016

Action 96. Add New Basic Human Rights, such as Environmental Rights, and Define the Responsibilities of the Japanese People!

It is sometimes said that the Constitution of Japan is like the pocket of Doraemon. This refers to Article 13,…

Global Japan
OCT 7, 2016

Action 94. Describe Japan in the Preamble to the Constitution of Japan and Define the Head of State!

What is a constitution? From a modern constitutional perspective, which was established through people’s revolutions in Europe, the purpose of…

Global Japan
OCT 6, 2016

Action 93. Encourage Many Japanese People to Participate in the Process of Revising the Constitution for the First Time in Its History!

The Constitution of Japan is the oldest in the world. More precisely, among modern constitutions it is the 14th oldest,…